Resource Managment Software
The Get SET ™ Portal - Resource Management Software
Manage your Projects
Get an overview of the progress of your projects and gain the visibility needed to make informed decisions
Plan, schedule and track
Maximize FieldStaff's productivity
Plan, schedule and track your projects with our Workflow tracker. Balance the distribution of Jobs based on fieldstaffs availability to ensure no one is overwhelmed or underworked.
Technician engagement
FieldStaffs are made aware of available new Jobs or when changes are made to current assigements via email and portal notificants.
Simply put, SET Techs is a field services provider and a software company that has created a proprietary electronic platform, referred to as the Get SET™ portal for the purpose of managing and performing work order assignments.
Partners are able to add work order tickets, Office Staffs are able to create work orders, and match their respective needs, dispatch assignments to FieldStaffs, schedule (and reschedule), do onsite check ins, then monitor the life of each assignment from start to finish to check outs and much more.